About us

Have you ever wondered who is Mrs Vulfa? Then you should definitely visit our place and we will tell you an inspiring story of how one special dog can change your life forever! Mrs Vulfa was our very first Siberian husky. She was a very special dog to us, and in fact anyone who has had the opportunity to feel the glance of her eyes, undoubtedly fell in love with the Siberian Huskies. From only one Siberian husky, we have raised a cluster of hard working, intensely trained husky teams who are now participating in sled dog races.

We are happy to welcome guests in our small, yet lovely village surrounded by pine trees. Visiting our home, you will have a privilege to enjoy authentic Latvian scenery, smells and tastes. And of course, to make this all experience even more enjoyable and unforgettable, we offer our unique homemade bread. This will give a sensation, that perhaps this is the most delicious bread you have ever tried!

Choose one of our offers and come visit us at our husky park!