Dog CV


I am that special dog who changed the life of my owners. Now I have left my home in Garkalne to look upon my children and other huskies from above. Now together with my son Caruso, we guard the gates of Paradise, so that no one who has ever abused or done anything bad to dogs in their lifetime wouldn’t be allowed to enter Paradise.

But you are still welcome in our kennel. You will love this place!


I am a queen in this family. I think I am the most beautiful husky in the world.  I am sure some people would agree with me

I love people, I love to be in their company. But I don’t like when they are stroking other dogs, because I become very jealous. I know you will fall in love with Honda and Habibi, but I am not really good friends with them. The same is with Blue Berry and Marija. I don’t get along with girls that is why I like to spend most time with the boys. I miss my brother Caruso so much; he was very special. You can ask my owners to tell you a story about how I bit off a piece of Caruso’s ear. 😉


I think and hope that in this husky family I am the most important dog. First of all, because I was the first leader dog in the sled. I may look small, but I am very clever. I listen and honor my owners’ commands. Not always of course. Secondly, I think I have a very big fan club. I love to spend time with people more than playing with my brother Hilux or small Vendy. 


I am a champion. I am one of the fastest dogs from my family and Ilze always choose me for trainings with other sport line huskies. Don’t forget to ask owners to show my medals from races. I have the whole collection of them! I am a very independent dog just like my mother Mrs.Vulfa. I don’t like to be like my sister Honda and Habibi. They are too cute for people.


I am the only one who has the same fur color just like my mum Mrs.Vulfa. And it’s the reason why I feel very proud. 

I know that Honda will try to convince you that she is the favorite dog in our kennel, but if people need to choose which dog they will take for hiking to the forest, they will definitely choose me. I am always in good mood, I like to give kisses. And I can defend myself if Blue Berry or Marija wants to fight with me. 


I am a Swedish prince Frekkis. I came to Latvia when I was about 6 years old. At the beginning it wasn’t so easy. But my owners are so nice, and they love me so much. 

When I came to Latvia people could know more about sport line huskies and about sledding with dogs. I have experience participating in long races.  

But for now, I spend my old age with other dogs and enjoy people company.


I came to Latvia together with Frekkis. For both of us it was not easy. This is the reason why sometimes I don’t like strangers and feel very shy. But I love my new owners. And I am a very hard worker. If Ilze don’t take me to training I getoffended. 

Just like Mrs. Vulfa, I feel very proud of my kids. Currently, they are main team for Ilze to participate in the races. We spend a lot of time together in the training, but we also know how to rest on the sofa.


I was born here, at Mrs Vulfa’s home, but my parents – Frekkis and Marija – came from Sweden. Now all of us are living in Garkalne. I often visit Sweden, because it is the country where we can find snow in the winter and run, run and run. Youhooooo. 



I am a very friendly girl Nora. I love to be with people. I am always waiting when my owners will take me in to the house. There, I can smell everything and lay down on a sofa. No, don’t think that I am sofa dog. I am a daughter of Frekkis and Marija and I am a real sled dog. 


I am a true copy of my big sister Blue Berry. But only by the looks. I am very mature and balanced. For now I am a leader in the team. Ilze choose me to be a leader. Sometimes I don’t feel very confident, but Ilze can trust to me. I know what to do in the sled. I like to talk with people just like my father Frekkis, but sometimes I don’t trust people like my mum Marija. 


I was the last puppy when I was born. So, I am the smallest in our family. Sometimes I like to talk back, and I don’t always come when I am being called by my owners. A lot of people like the color of my fur. They think I look like a wolf.

I am very curious. In the trainings in the forest I always want to catch some empty bottles or papers. I am also very fast. Because I am always eager to go to the house.



I am Estonian girl Piccadilly or Pika. Pika in Latvian means snowball. Owners hoped that bringing me into the pack would bring a lot of snow in the winter. You know how important it is for husky owners?!

When I was young, I liked to be in Caruso’s and Daisy’s company. But now I am a teacher for our youngest – Vendy. She also came from Estonia. Maybe it’s a reason why she is so friendly with me and always wants to play with me. 

I am not so big but am a very hard worker. Also, very impatient. In the trainings I am the first one to say: let’s go! Because I am very curious what the next turn will bring.



You will recognize me by my colorful ears and playful character. I am the youngest dog in this family. I am thankful to Piccadilly who is always ready to play with me. Sometimes I also like to play with Blue Berry. But Daisy is the one who teaches me to be serious. I still don’t understand this direction command “Džī” and “Ho”, so I let Daisy lead and Ijust run, run and run.




Although I have gone to an important task – to guard the gates of Paradise, my owners will definitely tell you about me, because I was their darling. And even though, I was  the boss in our kennel and the biggest squawker in our home, I had a big heart. I hope that one of our great dogs will take over my duty as the main dog in the kennel.


I was born and spent all my life here in Garkalne. I was one of the main dogs in dog sledding. Then I passed on my experience to the younger generation, and now together with my brother Caruso, we teach the dogs of Paradise how to pull a sled.