Teambuilding with our Siberian Huskies will give you an insight of a different ways to team work and your position within the team. When you will be introduced to our husky family, you will be able to see yourself and your colleagues in them.
We will teach you about the team work in dog sled, where every role is very important. You will be provided with theoretical background and practical work.
We will be looking for leaders, corporate goals (what do you mean exactly?). Siberian husky ability to work will definitely inspire you.

We offer teambuilding event for up to 12 people teams or only managers/directors.

If you are working in the big company, you may choose teambuilding for a particular department or just for managers. After such experience, we hope that managers can inspire their employees to also participate!

The event will last around 4-5 hours. Place: cosy house of Mrs. Wolf in Garkalne.

We will offer you our delicious tea, coffee, and of course home – made bread. We may also offer a menu with different options of food servings.

If you are interested in booking this event, please call to manager Gundega (+371 26595542) or write an email to: